The best thing about a picture

September 30, 2018


Last Thursday was my oldest child's 5th Birthday. I cant hardly believe it to be honest. Just the other day he was crawling, walking, saying mamma... then NO! The person responsible for making me a mom and also responsible for making me responsible is now 5! I know everyone says that the time goes quick but it was faster then quick. He has started Kindergarten this year. I think to myself tomorrow he will be in 5th grade and then graduating and then finding his own place in life. I am noticing he doesn't need me as much and I know that will continue as he gets older. Soon he wont need me at all. 


I take photos of my kids all the time and I mean all the time! However on their birthdays I like to take more formal shots like I would for a regular session. I was editing his 5 year shots when I stated looking back at all the 4 years previous and remember how each session was different and the same but how fast it all seemed to go by. I mean he was just a baby! lol. I am so proud of the young man he is growing up to be, and while I get a little choked up about the time that has gone by I also can't help but think about the future and the kind of impact he will bring to the world.


I feel so very fortunate that I am a Photographer and can capture these beautiful moments in my children's lives professionally.                                                          

 My kids  have some of the most beautiful photos, and my mom and mother in law always comment about how they wish that they had photos of their kids like the ones I have of mine. Even if your are not a professional you can still have those precious memories all you have to do is STOP! Stop cleaning, stop cooking,




stop texting or surfing the web. Stop that you tube video and turn on your camera. It really doesn't matter what kind you have. 

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people do." -Andy Warhol

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