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Why child photography is important

One of the hidden but powerful aspects of family photography that moms and most photographers rarely consider is how it can help us raise children with stronger confidence in their own worth and abilities. I remember as a child my mom making us do photos together as a family once a year, but it wasn't till I was older that I realized it always made me feel good!

Let me explain! I realized that my mom liked us all enough to have "us" all over the wall, when people came over everyone commented on what a beautiful family we were. How beautiful my mothers children were!

When it comes to having the greatest positive impact for your child, which is better, digital images or paper prints? Obviously when considering a photographer you need to think about what you want, and everyone wants digital images. When it comes to digital vs print I get it I really do.... however you are not going to hang a USB on your wall and poorly printed images are always a drag. Finding the right photographer for your needs is important but make sure to find some

one that can also professionally print a beautiful photo of your family for you to proudly display on your wall....for the kids!

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