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"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away"

School has started for most people around the country and our kids are in the careful hands of our amazing educators! You know what that means!!? Well actually it is two fold.

1. For us that work from home (photographers) we actually have time to work!!

2. Even though there seems to be more time during the day when the kids get home it is non stop CRAZY!!! till bedtime.

So much is going on and fall is a very busy time but it also allows us to let go. Let go of the summer, your tan lines, those lazy days by the pool. Now most moms are running kids to and from school, going to athletic events, planning the upcoming holiday events, PTA meeting, and so much more!

Don't for get to stop and have those sweet little moments with your kiddos, family members loved ones. Time is a weird thing!

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