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Why Fall is the best for Photography

Ok lets start with YEAH! Its fall, and I love this time of the year. Not only did school just start, but I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth in the fall...Colorado. The trees are all different colors, you can wear sweatshirts and jeans again, Pumpkin Spice coffee is back. The holidays are coming in full force. Good food, friends, family, the crisp smell in the air.... I could go on and on!

Fall is also a good time because I am a photographer. Typically I am the busiest during the fall season, as many professional photographers are. Something that many people, who book photography sessions don't know about is that fall is the best time of year (in my opinion) to shoot. The sun is lower in the sky and diffused perfectly for those beautiful and sometimes haunting fall photos that we all love so much.

On top of the beautiful foliage that occurs in the fall, families are typically busy, but also together. Often times families will book sessions around the holidays because we come together and remember what is important in our lives... family.

So if you are thinking of booking a photography session but keep putting it off don't. Now is the time. Don't let another day go past with out that special memory captured in a gorgeous print on your mantel!

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