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Hi I'm Katie

I grew up in beautiful Sheridan Wyoming, and attended college at the University of Wyoming, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. (Go WYO!) Since graduating, I have completed numerous professional photography classes. I married my High School sweetheart Devin, lived in Big Sky country (Montana) and have since moved to Denver Colorado. I also have two very handsome boys.

I have been interested in photography my whole life! All through high school and college I was the one with the camera documenting everything that happened! (That’s right guys!) I love capturing the joy on people’s faces and sharing that joy with the world. I feel that photographs are what tell the stories of our lives. They can reveal so much about who we are, what we have done, where we have come from and often who we love. I grew up with a mom that took photos of everything! We're talking birthdays, holidays, sporting events, you name it. I think I may have been the only senior in high school whose mom still made me stand out in the front yard with my two brothers and our dog to take a photo of the first day of school! She also insisted that we take at least one photo all together every year after that.

Having two of my own children, I understand why my mom was so crazy about making sure everything in our lives was documented through photography. There are so many wonderful things that happen and once you blink it’s all over, however, captured with one click and you have that amazing memory forever.

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